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Fylla Weekly - Della Hayes: Nudity can't sell music

Story by: Ekow Anderson

She started singing in a church choir at a tender age and because of the passion she had for music she went on to study music in London. Della Hayes whose interest is to carry out social responsibilities and taking care of vulnerable children did some courses in nursing so as to meet her desires but couldn’t meet up with it because she thinks the system in the country will not help her. She sang with the Sumsum band, the Zongo band in London of which she was a founding member and the Supreme band.

In an interview with Weekly Fylla, she said “being a lady you need to dress decent when performing on stage.” You can’t say your sexual appeal will sell your music, you need not expose yourself before people can applause to the music you play”. As a CEO and leader of Women of Colour band she always ask her band which is made up of seven women of which some are traders and others in different careers to dress as African women so as to portray our culture.

She also said some men in the industry will like to sleep with you because you are a woman and want to do music. She feels by doing that doesn’t make you who you want to be but rather tarnish your image as a woman. Women of Colour band which stands tall and the number one women band in Ghana and Africa as a whole has played in all corners of Ghana and now we are planning to take it to the rest of the world after the holidays. Della Hayes had also worked with Jewel Ackah, Amandzeba, Paullina Oduro and Lady Talata both in studios and live performances. She owns one album to her credit which is already in stores and is doing quite well on the market. She asks women who have talent to stand up and not to be intimated by men because what a man can do a woman can do better.

Della Hayes in Weekly Fylla

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